Open Home Etiquette For Sellers

It’s time for your first open home. You’ve spruced up the place and everything is looking the best it has in years. Fresh paint, neatly trimmed gardens and sparkling clean windows and floors all mean one thing – time to welcome the buyers!

Here are a few tips that will help you get the best results from your open home:

1. Don’t attend your own open home:

This is awkward for everyone – for the people looking at your home, who won’t feel comfortable asking potentially invasive questions, and for your agent, who doesn’t want to upset or offend with honest answers to potential buyers.

Leave the premises and let everyone relax and get on with it. If you’re concerned about theft or breakages, talk this over with your agent who will be able to advise you on the security measures they can implement and help you think about any insurance issues. And of course, remove any valuables and fragile ornaments, wherever possible.

2. Take the pets with you:

Not everyone is a pet person. People can be afraid of the most unusual things, including something as harmless as an axolotl! The fur babies are best removed from the premises to ensure a hassle-free visit from strangers who are looking to buy your home.

3. Move your car:

Keep the driveway clear for the many visitors you want to come to your home.

4. Be patient:

Of course you want the feedback asap, like, immediately the moment the last visitor leaves your home. After all, this is a huge transaction and there is a lot at stake. Be aware that your agent is keen to provide you with a comprehensive report, with carefully prepared feedback from everyone who attended the open home. Give them an opportunity to present you with their best work.

5. Listen to the professionals:

There’s a reason that you’re not selling your home yourself – you’re not an expert. When you choose an agent to help you sell your home, you need to choose someone you can trust, and then trust them! When they offer advice and tips following an open home, listen to that advice. They know the market, they’ve talked to the buyers and they have experience in this area. Let them help you and heed their tips.


Information sourced from The Real Estate Institute of Queensland Ltd

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