12 Things To Look For Before Buying a Noosaville Property


Are you planning to check out the houses for sale in Noosaville? There are many things to look out for! We listed the things you need to inspect before buying a property in Noosaville. Read them out below.


Advantages of Owning a Property in Noosaville

Owning Real Estate in Noosaville will provide many benefits to you and your loved ones. Here are some examples:


1. Ideal for Swimming

Noosaville is primely positioned between Noosa Heads and Tewantin with much of it being close to the scenic water canals running directly off the popular Noosa River. It is a well- known retreat for locals and tourists where everyone can safely swim to their hearts delight. You can also enjoy various aquatic activities with your friends and loved ones.


2. Good Atmosphere

Noosaville offers a laid-back, friendly atmosphere where people can relax and socialise with others. Maybe you'll even form long-lasting relationships here.


3. Must-Try Restaurants

You should try out the diverse cuisines offered by cafes and restaurants along the Noosa River waterfront. They serve up flavours from around the globe as well as Australian cuisines. You can pick from among the low-cost eateries, award-winning restaurants, or seafood joints with a view.


4. Shopping Delight

You'll never get tired of shopping at Noosaville! They have a diverse range of boutiques offering various products, from surfboards to apparel.


5. Travel Via Water

Travelling to different locations via the Noosa River is easy because you can readily hire a range of watercraft here. The Noosa Ferry stops at many areas in the Noosaville area on its trips between Hastings Street and Noosa Marina.


Things to Look for Before Buying a Noosaville Property

Just because the properties for sale in Noosaville look good doesn't mean you should buy one quickly. It would be best to inspect a property thoroughly before making an offer. Here are some of the things that you should check out:


1. Termites

There are cases of termite problems in Queensland, so you should conduct an initial building and pest inspection of the home you're eyeing to buy. You should hire professional pest inspectors who can do a thorough home inspection for you.


2. Damage on the Walls

Inspect the walls for signs of water leaks or moisture penetration, especially near baths and showers. These may not be considered structural defects, but they may be expensive to repair.

Also, check the internal and external walls for any large cracks. If the cracks are significant, ask a qualified building inspector to check if they affect the house's structural integrity.


3. Fine Cracks

Inspect the internal wall plastering to see if there are fine hairline cracks. These cracks may be due to improper application of the wall plastering during construction.

If you found some in one area, others might also be present in other parts of the home. The plaster wall may crack further and come loose, especially when installing wall fixings for paintings.


4. Sagging Ceilings

Look at the ceilings of the house. See if there are defects and deflections in the ceiling boards. If so, you may need to have them repaired should you decide to buy the property.


5. Rust on the Roof

Roof gutters may appear normal if you look at them from the ground. However, when you inspect them from the top side, you may see that they are corroded or clogged and should be replaced.


6. Mould

Mould is bad for your health. It releases allergens into the air, which can cause allergic reactions and worsen respiratory health issues like asthma. It may also be the result of a more significant issue.

That's why you should be alarmed if you see mould in a home you're viewing. The property needs to be cleaned by a professional cleaning company to ensure that harmful moulds are removed.


7. Damp Cabinets

Besides the walls, open the cabinets to determine if there is an unmistakable scent of dampness, moulds, or mildew. The presence of these scents can indicate water leaks or moisture.


8. Ability to Withstand Flooding

We can't avoid cyclones and heavy rainfall. That's why your house should be able to withstand inclement weather. You can check this out by asking your real estate agent about the property's history.


9. Working Roof Downpipes

Walk outside the home to inspect if the roof downpipes are discharging water into stormwater wells rather than the ground.

Also, check for signs of past flooding or massive water flows around the bases of the roof downpipes. By doing so, you can determine if the drainage pits are appropriately sized or should be cleaned. You will incur added costs if you do need to install new stormwater soak wells.


10. Drain Holes

There must be small holes above and below the window and door frames and suspended slab levels. The drain holes allow the water to exit from the cavity walls. Without them, water can seep through the home's internal walls and may result in continuous and costly maintenance work.


11. Noisy Neighbours

It can be hard to relax if your neighbours are always partying all night or making a lot of loud noises. So, it would help if you visited the property at varying times of the day to observe the noise factor in the prospective location.


12. Hidden Costs

When you're checking out an old house, thoroughly inspect it before making an offer. You might miss out on some portions of the house that might be costly in terms of repair and maintenance. So, look at every nook and cranny and always ask questions from your real estate agent Noosaville.



Checking out Noosaville for your prospective properties is crucial because it can always mean the difference between a good and bad home-buying experience. Bear these things in mind to help you choose the right property for sale in Noosaville and get the most out of your purchase.

A real estate agency can assist you if you need help during the entire process.

To learn more about the tailored services you can get from a leading Noosaville real estate agency, please don't hesitate to contact us at Laguna Real Estate.

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