Questions To Ask a Real Estate Agent When Buying or Selling a Property

Are you buying a home or investment property? Whether it is your first or fifth real estate transaction, hiring the right real estate agent matters. It would help to know what questions to ask a real estate agent. Doing so would help you immensely when buying or selling a property.


That said, here are the essential questions to ask your real estate agent so that you can make an informed decision. Read on.


1. How Long Have You Been a Real Estate Agent?

Experienced real estate agents can provide excellent advice you are unlikely to find through searching online or dealing with new sales consultants. You can verify the years they have been in practice based on the times the real estate agent has renewed their license.


In addition, you can gauge their experience based on the number of proven transactions they have completed since they began their real estate career.


Experienced real estate agents use their knowledge of the local market and negotiation skills to help the client buy or sell a property faster and efficiently.


2. Are They Licensed Real Estate Agents?

A licensed and experienced real estate agent helping you through the buying or selling process can work to your advantage. Licensed agents get business faster because they have the qualifications and are trusted in the market. Besides,they have a reputation for safeguarding client interests, making them less likely to engage in dubious transactions.


If you are buying a property, a licensed real estate agent will provide multiple options because the home sellers within the local market already trust them. On the other side, if you're selling property, a licensed agent will get you multiple prospective buyers, which is like casting a wider net in the market.


To cut a long story short, working with a licensed real estate agent eliminates all the inconveniences of dealing with properties.


3. Do They Work with Other Local Real Estate Agents?

Agents with bigger teams leverage their network to find property buyers or sellers. They share real estate listings with the other agents, making it easier to find potential buyers or sellers. Besides, members of the local real estate agents association have access to a wide seller or buyer database, which can be very helpful when finding interested parties for all types of properties.

Take the case of Laguna Real Estate. We are one of the largest agencies in the region, with over four offices across Noosa and Gympie.


4. Do They Have Reviews and Testimonials From Past Customers?

A trusted real estate agent will have happy past customers recommending them in online reviews or at least on their website. Ask to see the verified customer reviews to prove that the real estate agent has worked with many clients listed as references. You may ask to call at least two to three customers they have served to verify that the agent's service was satisfactory.


5. What's the Estimated Real Estate Agent Fee Or Commission Rate?

Most real estate agents earn a commission from the property transaction, while some may charge a flat fee to refer potential buyers or sellers. Before hiring a real estate agent, it would help if you could determine what commissions they expect from the transaction. Make sure the commission rate is within what others in the industry charge.


6. How Can I Improve and Increase Property Value?

An experienced real estate agent knows what features buyers look for when searching for properties on sale. Therefore, they should be in a position to advise you on the right strategies for increasing your property's value. Besides, they advise investment property owners on different staging techniques, so a property attracts the maximum number of views from the potential buyers.


7. How Do You Market Homes?

It would help to find out the channels that your agent will use to find potential property buyers. To effectively get the word out in the market place it is imperative that properties are advertised across all media channels, including online and print advertising. You never know where your buyer is coming from.

At Laguna many of our interstate buyers look online whereas our local buyers do quite often use the local paper.



If you are getting ready to buy or sell real estate, you might be wondering how to find a good agent. Some people ask for referrals from friends and colleagues, while others take time to interview local real estate agents. Whether purchasing a property within the local market or venturing into a new market, make sure you find the best real estate agents. Ask the real estate agent many questions to discover their potential and ensure you work with suitable professionals.

At Laguna Real Estate, we serve both property buyers and sellers. We are ready to assist you in your search for a home or investment property. Contact us today.   



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