1. Light it Up!

Maximise light in your home, add lamps, take down curtains, clean windows, put brighter bulbs in lamps and cut bushes outside to let light in! Make it bright & cheery! Add candles for warmth and fragrance.


2. The kitchen is the heart of the home!

These days kitchens are where family and friends congregate to entertain. The benefits of remodelling your kitchen are endless. It may take a few thousand dollars to replace counter tops where a buyer could knock $10,000 off the asking price if the kitchen looks dated.


3. Clean Everything!

Cleanliness shows the buyer that the home has been well cared for and is most likely in good repair. A dirty home will cause prospective buyers to notice every flaw.

4. Unclutter your Home!

Have a garage sale, empty closets, donate things you can’t sell. The less stuff around your home, the roomier it will seem. De-personalise, take away photos & keepsakes so that the prospective buyers can visualise their own things in the home. Arrange furniture to best showcase the floor plan and maximise the use of space.

5. Let fresh air in!

Get rid of odours that may be unpleasant. People are most offended by odours of tobacco, pets, cooking and musty laundry. Fresh flowers and scented candles can be used to add colour, light and fragrance.


Presenting your home for sale doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you make the right enhancements you can add to your sale price significantly. For more information and hot tips on getting your biggest investment sold for the best price, give me us a call today!


Till next time...

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